Monday, 23 July 2012

Claytons Retirement

D-Day and no going back. I told my boss I was retiring on the 31st August. This is so I can move to Melbourne to spend time with my sister who is living with cancer, and with my niece too. We haven't spent anywhere near enough time together over the years, living as far away from each other as we do and both with our own families, careers etc

I am hoping to find work in Melbourne but not a full-time job, some flexible interesting work with interesting people to supplement my rather basic superannuation pension. I don't ask for much do I !

So I'm entering a new phase and out of my comfort zone a little. I'll miss my house, my friends and hardest of all my Richard and my Dannii and her husband Sam. Anthony, Chloe and my granddaughter Sienna had already made plans to move to Melbourne a few months ago and they'll be there before I arrive at the beginning of October.

So my biggest adventure of the year is coming up in September, a 2 week camping cycle tour from Dieppe in Normandy to Gerouac in Brittany [see more]. This will be preceded by a backpacker tour of the western coast and islands of Scotland [see more]. But these adventures have already been gazumped by this larger endeavour.

I am feeling a tad overwhelmed by all I have to do between now and the end of August, both at work and home - packing up my belongings and getting the house ready to be rented out as soon as I leave for Europe on the 2nd September. Those of you who know me well will realise this will be a real test - I like to socialise rather than do work and I will be wanting to see people a lot before I leave.

But I'm looking forward to this new challenge as well.  Well at least Melbourne is a place people like to visit so I'll make sure I have a guest room and hope my friends and family will visit often.

Stay tuned...


  1. Best of luck, Monica. Melissa and I will probably catch up with you on our trips to Melbourne to see Chris and Lian.

  2. I am hoping you will be one amongst many friends making the trip often

  3. Good on you Mon! A bold move and sounds like a good life-enhancing move. Yes I get to Melbourne generally once a year - so count me in as a visitor..... Good Luck with the pack-up!

  4. Good for you Monica! You are such an inspiration, always up for a challenge despite the fear. You go girl!

  5. Wow,Monica!! I'm so envious. The thrill of the unknown!! I hope you and your sis get to spend lots of quality time together. Enjoy bonnie Scotland. The west coast is just divine - take loads of wool, as Sept is chilly. Look forward to reading more.

  6. Karen & Gary28 July 2012 at 18:08

    Wow, Mon. What an adventure! Love your spirit. Best of luck - we will keep tuned. We love Melb so should see you down there sometime.